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Mary-Ann Roy B.F.A., M.A.

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Mary-Ann has counselled since 1990 through her counselling practice, the Truth for Life Counselling Centre.

Mary-Ann is an experienced and highly qualified psychotherapist in practice for over thirty years. Although past clients provide a steady stream of referrals, she also receives clientele from various sources.

Mary-Ann is a referral therapist for the Manitoba Department of Justice, Compensation for Victims of Crime as well as other EAP organizations, such as ComPsych, National Eating Disorder Information Centre NEDIC, and Manitoba Public Insurance to name a few. She is also qualified as a CISM Trauma Counsellor having been a service provider with FGI.

She has worked extensively with Health Canada, First Nations, and Inuit Health Branch as a Mental Health Therapist. This involved over thirteen years servicing four Northern Communities as well as Fee for Service clients.

She is a past National Director (MACCC) as well as past President of the Manitoba Branch of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors (PACCC).

She was an approved Supervisor for PACCC as well as for Providence Theological Seminary, Counselling Faculty. She continues to supervise graduate students with two universities, Capella University and Yorkville University.

She is an approved Referral Therapist for an international Christian organization as well as numerous churches and clinics. She was the consultant and Family Services Director for Albright Church and Cornerstone Church in Winnipeg.

Mary-Ann is a graduate of Providence Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling. Her undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba.

Mary-Ann follows a “whole-istic” approach to counselling. This involves caring for each person in a way that addresses their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical concerns. If medication or other needs are necessary in order to adequately deal with problems, there is no hesitation to solicit the expertise of other professionals. She counsels couples, families and on a one-on-one basis.

Counselling Related Training (from 1997-present) covers a wide range of treatments such as: Addiction, Codependency, Indian Residential School Survivors, Theophostic Prayer, Grief, Divorce & Parenting – including For the Sake of the Children (Mb Family Services) & Eating Disorders (H.S.C.). Counsellor Related Teaching (from 1993 to present): Includes: Overall Wellness, Marriage & Family, Stress, Women’s Issues, Codependency & Boundary Issues, Anger Management, Grief and Divorce Recovery and Sexual Abuse Experience in Practice Alcoholism & Drug Addiction, Bereavement & Loss, Crisis Management, Domestic Violence, Marital Issues, Post Traumatic Stress, Sexual Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Blended Family Issues, Work Related Problems, Parenting.

To contact her, you need only to phone and she will be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about counselling – there is no obligation.

Mary-Ann and George have been married since 1975 and have four children, three sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren.


David G. Delf MA


Dave is a graduate of Providence Theological Seminary.  He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Counselling.  His undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Manitoba.  Dave is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors (PACCC). He currently also works as a Mental Health Proctor with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Other training Dave has received includes a Counselling I Training Certificate and ASIST Suicide Intervention Training.

Dave has twenty years of experience working in social services.  He has supervised and managed group homes and halfway houses.  He has also worked as a Residential Care & Treatment Worker, a Community Support & Respite Worker and an Adaptive Skills Treatment Worker.  Dave’s goal is that as one becomes more aware of their own real identity, personal growth would be enhanced. This would result in the capacity for more intimate, mature relationships at all levels of commitment.  Dave works to provide the tools for ongoing growth and development leading to full maturity.

Counselling Related Training Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling – Providence Theological Seminary, 2009  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Manitoba, 1983 Certificate of Basic Theology – Kings College, 1995 Counselling 1 Training Certificate – Trinity Television, 1990 ASSIST Suicide Intervention Training, 2009 Counselling Related Teaching Kids Church Teacher and children’s small group leader Exceptional listening, organization, communication and interpersonal skills. Experience in Practice Twenty years of experience working as a Community Support and Respite Worker, Residential Care & Treatment Worker and Adaptive Skills Treatment Worker.

Experienced Supervisor and Manager of Group and Halfway Homes.  Experienced Mental Health Proctor with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training – 2010.  Emergency First Aid / CPR A Training – 2010


George Roy B.A. Honours

George-roy-truth-for-life-counselling-services -winnipeg

George Roy is available to individuals, families, and organizations for help with finances. Major areas for individuals and families include budgeting, debt reduction, and planning.

In addition to these, for organizations, he is available for input into fundraising, volunteer administration, planning, governance, administration, organizational management, board orientation/development, and polity.

George graduated from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, with an honours BA in Recreation Administration. Since that time he has been the CEO of several non-profit organizations, including Big Brothers Association of Winnipeg Inc., Maitland B. Steinkopf Residences Inc., and Youth Employment Core Inc.

Having served on numerous board of directors, George has developed training material for board orientation and development.

He has over twenty years of experience working in the social service field. His experience also includes working with Christian missions including: Youth for Christ, World Vision, Hanamu House, Canadian Sunday School Mission, and Young Life. His personal areas of interest are inventing, board games, woodworking, athletics (particularly running and swimming), coaching, and golf.


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“Stress, anxiety, depression, can occur when we ignore who we are, and start living to please others.”

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What our clients are saying

We appreciate and are thankful for every client and are particularly blessed when they share their healing experience with us. Occasionally a client will so eloquently describe their healing journey that we want to share their discovery with others. Please be inspired to reflect on your own journey as you read of this gentleman and his healing.



 Living in an imperfect world throughout our earthly pilgrimage, we long for paradise. We thirst for a world of love, happiness, and a sense of belonging - just to list a few - that will restrict our suffering and disappointments. 


Addictions will not quench our thirst. As a psychotherapist, Mary-Ann aspires to explore, counsel, channel, and integrate new pathways toward healing and recovery. It was also during therapy that I unexpectedly came upon a quote from Chico Xavier that reads: “Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… anyone can start over and make a new ending”.  I desperately wanted to change because I needed to change.  This was my reality. 


Therapy with Mary-Ann, the recommended readings, and taking time for meditation and prayer, it became quite clear that my destiny is determined by the choices I make. A book brought to my attention by Mary-Ann, ‘The Discipline of a Godly Man’ by H Kent Hughes, undeniably states that without discipline, very little can be accomplished such as overcoming addictions and developing life-changing habits toward recovery. I realized that this on-going therapy was not only changing me but also my universe. Jim Carrey, Actor and Comedian, once remarked: “The effects we have on others is the most valuable currency we have”. 


My healing began with one small but very significant step when I decided to pick up the phone. When I reflect back to that particular day, I believe this one small step from an individual seeking healing also contributes to the wellbeing of mankind.


Meeting with Mary-Ann was a true blessing.  Thank you and God bless.

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