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Truth for Life Counselling vision is to provide individuals, families, and groups with opportunities to experience inner healing and restored relationships.

This will be accomplished through relational skill development, education, counsellor training, and biblical counselling.

In light of our mission statement, our current vision for this calling, and the environment in which our work is found, we feel God is calling us to emphasize five values:

1. We are called to provide counselling based on Biblical principles for individuals, families, and groups which allow them to effect changes in their being so that they are brought to a healthy & truthful self-identity and integrity in relationships and lifestyle.

2. We are called to provide educational material and experiences for individuals, families, and groups which will provide them with skills and information that will enhance healthy relationships with God and others as well as a healthy and functional lifestyle.

3. To the degree that others are willing we are called to share the gospel of Christ, in a manner worthy of God’s saints, through a counselling practice of integrity and godly principles and truths to all who make use of tlc regardless of their associations.

4. We are called to provide quality opportunities for counsellors to mature relationally in Christ and to mature in the practice of counselling through continuing education and the practice of biblical counselling with accountability to our peers.

5. We are called to be good stewards of all the resources God has given tlc in a manner worthy of those called by His name.

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What our clients are saying

We appreciate and are thankful for every client and are particularly blessed when they share their healing experience with us. Occasionally a client will so eloquently describe their healing journey that we want to share their discovery with others. Please be inspired to reflect on your own journey as you read of this gentleman and his healing.



 Living in an imperfect world throughout our earthly pilgrimage, we long for paradise. We thirst for a world of love, happiness, and a sense of belonging - just to list a few - that will restrict our suffering and disappointments. 


Addictions will not quench our thirst. As a psychotherapist, Mary-Ann aspires to explore, counsel, channel, and integrate new pathways toward healing and recovery. It was also during therapy that I unexpectedly came upon a quote from Chico Xavier that reads: “Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… anyone can start over and make a new ending”.  I desperately wanted to change because I needed to change.  This was my reality. 


Therapy with Mary-Ann, the recommended readings, and taking time for meditation and prayer, it became quite clear that my destiny is determined by the choices I make. A book brought to my attention by Mary-Ann, ‘The Discipline of a Godly Man’ by H Kent Hughes, undeniably states that without discipline, very little can be accomplished such as overcoming addictions and developing life-changing habits toward recovery. I realized that this on-going therapy was not only changing me but also my universe. Jim Carrey, Actor and Comedian, once remarked: “The effects we have on others is the most valuable currency we have”. 


My healing began with one small but very significant step when I decided to pick up the phone. When I reflect back to that particular day, I believe this one small step from an individual seeking healing also contributes to the wellbeing of mankind.


Meeting with Mary-Ann was a true blessing.  Thank you and God bless.

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